Winter Session II, 0, 2015

 I have some pretty cool classes coming up. 
We will be hosting Jeff Mack for a 2 day Masters Goblet Class the last weekend in March.
 More info as that date nears.
 Classes Starting up Next week.
MONDAYS            BEGINNERS II      6:30-9:30               SIX WEEKS             STARTS MARCH 2ND             $660
So maybe this was a terrible idea, but we are making goblets. Not simplified dumbed down cookie foot solid lumpy versions of a goblet. REAL goblets with REAL blown feet, avolios. murices, and maybe even blown stems! 
In this session you beginners will learn how to make all the different parts to a goblet. It will be very hard, you will fail many, many times in many, many different and frustrating ways. But after a while you will develop a lighter touch, make quicker moves, and pull one off. Then another, and another. Or else we make a giant pile of broken glass on the floor for six weeks and have some laughs.
TUESDAYS           INTERMEDIATE I     6:30-9:30               SIX WEEKS             STARTS MARCH 3RD             $660
Building on the cane techniques we've already learned we will start this class by using color core cane to make complex canes. We will pull zanfirico and ballotini cane, then stack different techniques and applications to make original cane designs.
We will then pick up these cane on collars and work our way through a similar form for the whole session, really trying to iron out and refine the design of your piece. I will have books on hand for inspiration.
WEDNESDAYS     INTERMEDIATE II     6:30-9:30               SIX WEEKS             STARTS MARCH 4TH             $660
This class is a chance for you to make some of the decorative stuff you've wanted to make but I wouldn't let you in any other class so far. We will still use proper form and technique, but we are moving away from the forms and vessels we have made in the past. Think: Rocketships, space ray-guns, boots, birds, heads, hammers.....I dont know. Stuff. And we are going to figure out how to make it well. Please bring sketch books to make drawings and take notes for your particular designs at each class. 
FRIDAYS       BEGINNERS I       6:30-9:30              FOUR WEEKS             STARTS MARCH 6TH             $440
You fledgling glassblowers will learn how to control bubble structure and the shape of the glass vessel. We will reinforce proper technique and body positioning while at the bench or marver, we will practice using the tools correctly, and make interesting cups and vases as the class progresses. This class is the next step if you have taken a weekend workshop with me through the CCAE. It is going to reinforce all the basics you need to get blowing glass successfully.