Weekend Workshops

NOCA GlassSchool offers a variety of one and two day workshops for the soon to be novice glassblower! Themed classes range from paperweights, to glass flowers, pumpkins, ornaments, and 2 day Drinking Glass blowing classes. All classes introduce the student to safe working procedures and processes in an easy step by step format starting with the most basic of steps.

All of these intro classes may be registered through the Cambridge Center for Adult Education reachable at www.ccae.org and search the keyword "Glassblowing" or by calling them directly at 617-547-6789.

Weekly Classes

NOCA GlassSchool offers a variety of different 6 week night time classes. Generally, it is a themed class focusing on a specific style or time period, while also focusing on specific techniques to be learned through the reproduction of those styles of glass. Some of the current classes running are:

  • Monday- Blowing Fundamentals: Bigger, Thinner, and Hotter
  • Tuesday- Glassblowing 201: Tweezing, Trimming, and Color Overlays
  • Wednesday- Bottles Big, Tall, and Small
  • NEW Thursday Blowing Club : Email to reserve a space, practice under supervision!
  • Fridays- Beginner I: Intro to Glassblowing: Cups to Vases
  • The cost for these 6 week classes is generally $660. All tools, pipes, color, and supplies are provided.


Visiting Artist Workshops

NOCA GlassSchool regularly invites Master Glassblowers to come to the school to teach their signature style or techniques. Such past Masters have included; Michael Schunke, Marco Weiner, Charlie Correl, Kanek Chung, Jeff Mack, Davide Fuin, Guido Gerlitz, Bryan Rubino, Adam Holtzinger, Pablo Soto, and Ed Branson.

These 2 day weekend workshops run Saturdays and Sundays from 9am-4pm and include all tools, pipes, color and materials. They also include a lunch of some sort. The cost of the 2 day Workshops is generally $300.

Coming up Winter and Spring of 2015 we will have workshops with Janusz Pozniak, Dane Jack, Jeff Mack, Rob Stern, and John Miller.

Private Lessons

Jesse Rasid and the NOCA staff are available for private lessons for students to develop personal ideas or to learn new skills or sharpen existing techniques. Private lessons are available day or night at a cost of $70 per hour, with a 3 hour minimum. Please email or call to set up a private lesson for yourself or a friend.