Jesse Rasid

Principal Instructor.

Jesse, a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design, founded NOCA GlassSchool in 2006. He is also the owner of Uppercut Glass. Jesse began blowing glass in 1992, apprenticing to Josh Simpson. From there he worked in a variety of glass shops and production glass factories until he began attending MassArt in 1999. After graduating in 2003 Jesse began working for Marco Weiner, and Andy Magdanz and other NorthEast glassblowers. Seeing a void of good technical instruction Jesse began the NOCA GlassSchool in 2006 after retiring from competitive boxing after completing a 3rd place run in the Golden Gloves.

Otom Charters-Jaffe

Teachers Assistant-

Otom attended MassArt with Jesse and has been his primary glassblowing partner for the last 12 years. He has worked with Charlie Correl, Josh Berbaum, Gale Scott, and Shawn Conroy, among others. He is an excellent glassblower and his quiet easy-going teaching style is well liked among many existing NOCA students.

Daniel Sherman

Teachers Assistant-

Sherman is a recent MassArt Glass department graduate that brings a very different style to the glass school. Combining painting, calligraphy, graphics, sculpture, and graphitti to traditional glass techniques, Sherman works in a very multi-disciplinary style and process. He is also an excellent, patient teacher, and is well liked by all of his students.

Amanda Gundy

Teachers Assistant /Teacher-

Specializing in our weekend workshops, Amanda brings her exceptional teaching skills to the novice glassblower/student. 

Having taught classes at Corning in New York, she brings a calm understanding the the new students.