NOCA GlassSchool  has been open and  teaching glass since 2006.

Located at:

NOCA GlassSchool

 147 Sherman Street

Cambridge, MA. 02140  

Teaching many different disciplines of glassblowing, NOCA concentrates on teaching the techniques and processes required to create a variety of blown glass vessels and shapes. Proper form and body positioning are stressed to help the student more easily begin to develop control with the medium and tools. From there the student may find his or her voice with the glass and begin to create Art. I firmly believe that without a firm grasp on the fundamentals of basic glassblowing it is impossible to develop a body of work that truly expresses one's voice through the material. By teaching core skills based on heat, body positioning, and development of tool feel and awareness, I strive to teach the student how to recognize what it is that they are doing, when, and with intent. I focus on getting students to bridge the gap between what they intend to do and what they are actually doing in regards to their tools, the heat, and the material.